Working at Heights Training

CPO of the Ministry of Labour Approved

Fall Protection Working at Heights CPO MOL approved

At Partner Safety, our focus is to provide our clients with the necessary knowledge to properly fit, inspect and use personal fall protection equipment. As an approved Fall Protection Group training partner, we guarantee a well-established and proven Working at Heights training program.

This course demonstrates how to pre-plan and execute basic rescue strategies, to comply with the Chief-Prevention Officer (CPO's) requirements for Working at Heights under regulation
213/91 (Construction Project). This regulation requires companies to provide on-site emergency rescue when their employees use fall protection equipment and systems while working at heights.

This half-day program is approved by the Chief Prevention Officer of the Ministry of Labour of Ontario, meeting the requirements of the Working at Height Training Standard 213/91 (Construction Project). This program consists of theory and practical modules and will provide students with necessary knowledge to safely perform their duties at height.