Quantitative Fit Testing

We offer quantitative fit testing including training compliant to standard CSA Z94.4

We test most brands and makes of SCBA mask, half and full-face respirators.

What should I expect during a quantitative fit testing session?

A quantitative fit test involves a device called Respirator Fit Tester. A quantitative fit tester works by measuring the concentration of particles inside a mask or respirator as compared to the concentration outside of the mask.

This is done using a particle counter or other monitoring device. The fit tester then calculates a fit factor, which is a measure of how well the mask fits the wearer and how effective it is at filtering out particles. This fit factor is used to determine if the mask provides a proper seal and adequate protection for the wearer.

1. You will receive training on the mask you are being tested on, including how to properly don, seal check, and safely remove it. The technician will provide you with any necessary follow-up instructions or adjustments to your mask.

2. The participant must complete the exercises displayed on the monitor screen in the specified sequence. After each exercise, the Portacount® will determine and show a fit factor.

Failing to achieve the correct fit factor for any exercise will void the entire fit test. If this happens, the participant must try a different respirator or adjust the fit of the current one, redo the user seal checks, and repeat the fit test.

If at any point during the fit test you experience discomfort, please inform the technician immediately. Remember, the proper fit of your mask is crucial for your safety in hazardous environments.

How long does the training and test take?

  • Approximately 10 minutes 

Do I receive my certification right away?

  • Yes, you will receive your card at the end of the session.

What are the requirements for testing?

  • Avoid smoking, eating, chewing gum, and drinking any fluids except water for 20 minutes before the test.
  • You must be clean shaven, no exception

What infection control measures do you have in place?

  • The testing tubes are single-use and adapters are disinfected after every use.
  • Our staff use gloves and respiratory protections.
  • Hand sanitizer is always available.

Do I need to bring my own half or full-face respirator?

  • Yes, we highly recommend you bring your own respirator and filters.
  • We have loaner respirators and filters available on-site for testing purposes. Please email ahead to verify availability.

Do I need to bring my own SCBA mask?

  • Yes, we highly recommend you bring your own SCBA mask.
  • We have loaner SCBA masks available on-site for testing purposes. Please email ahead to verify availability.

How much is quantitative fit testing?

Individual Fit Testing at our training centre: 

  • Respirators: $50.00 + HST (Not including respirator or filters). Please bring your owns.
  • SCBA Mask $55.00 + HST Please bring your owns.


Group Fit Testing at your site:

  • Contact us for a quote

Where are you located?

  • 1107 Westport Crescent, Mississauga, UNIT B.

Do you accept walk-in?

  • Absolutely NO walk-in allowed 
  • We sometimes have same-day appointments available; please email us to inquire.

Booking a Test & Questions


The office is open 8am to 430 pm -  Monday to Friday (Except on holidays)