Breathing Air Trailer

Partner Safety Breathing Air Trailers offer mobile respiratory protection for a variety of industrial and emergency response applications. 

Our trailers are equipped with high-pressure breathing air cylinder cascade systems filled with compressed Grade D breathing air and compliant with CSA 180.1-00 standards.

Our Standard Breathing Air Trailer is stocked with the following equipment:

2       Scott 2.2 (SCBA) / 30 Min. Carbon Fiber Cylinder DOT-TC Approved / Face Piece (S-M-L) 
2       G1 MSA PremAire (SABA) / 5 Min. Carbon Fiber Cylinder DOT-TC Approved / Face Piece (S-M-L) 
6       Cascade Storage Cylinders 4500 psi / DOT-TC Approved / 2664 cu. Ft Stored Air Volume
6       3/8” x 100’ 3M Breathing Air Line with 1/4" fitting
3       3/8” x 50’ 3M Breathing Air Line with 1/4" fitting
1       Air Manifold 4 Outlets
1       Pressure Regulator, with Low Alarm Bell, and Locking Fitting
1       Fire Extinguisher w/Bracket
1       Stretcher
1       Eye Wash Station
1       First Aid Kit

At this time, the breathable air trailer is only offered staffed with a Certified Air Supply Attendant. 

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