First Aid Training

Standard First Aid with CPR-AED Level A

Oriented for Construction & Infrastructure Workers


Course Length:
14  hours

Renewal Course Length:
7 Hours

Certification Length:
3 Years

Why choose us:

At Partner Safety, we take pride in offering quality workplace safety training, which will allow your staff to perform first aid efficiently while protecting themselves using medical personal protection equipment.

Our approach:

  • Experienced team of instructors.
  • Solid and proven programs adapted to your particular industry needs.
  • Realistic scenario based training to engage real world critical thinking.
  • The most realistic simulation training equipment available in the GTA. 

Group courses only. We offer training at our training center or at the site of your choice, please contact us for more information.

Partner Safety is an authorized provider of:

Course Content

  1. Emergency scene management
  2. Shock, fainting and unconsciousness
  3. Bleeding and wounds
  4. Asthma and allergies
  5. Head, spinal and pelvic injuries
  6. Diabetic emergencies
  7. Seizures
  8. Respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies
  9. Burns
  10. Secondary survey
  11. Bone, joint and muscle injuries
  12. Poisoning
  13. Eye injuries
  14. Chest injuries
  15. Environmental illness & injuries
  16. Lifts and carries
  17. Multiple casualty management
  18. Child/Infant CPR and Choking (Optional)

This course is intended for the general public but oriented toward construction and infrastucture workers with additional topics including:

  • Suspension syndrome (Trauma)
  • Advanced severe bleedings management  

Please note: In this course, you will receive hands-on instruction using advanced bleeding simulators. Please dress accordingly.


Registration is required in advance to enroll in the program.

For small group or individual registration, please use the link below.

To register a group, please email us.

Once registration is completed, you will be automaticaly forwarded to a secured credit card payment page. We also accept E-Transfer payments. Contact us for more information.

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Course Dates, Location & Time

September 2019

Sept. 28 & Oct. 05, 2019       Mississauga      0830am** 

October 2019

Oct. 28 & 29, 2019                Mississauga      0830am

November 2019

Nov. 18 & 19, 2019               Mississauga      0830am

** Split course: This course is held on two separate Saturdays 

Specialized Training

Standard First Aid oriented for forestry workers and arborists

Additional training includes:

  • Advanced Hemorrhage control with live bleeding simulation
  • Suspension Syndrome (Trauma) 
  • Muscular & Skeletal injuries
  • Environmental Emergencies and more...

Note: In this course, you will receive hands-on instruction using advanced bleeding simulators. Please dress accordingly.

Cost: $180.00

Offered in collaboration with our friends at Universal Field Supplies UFS

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