confined space entry attendant training

Confined Space Entry / Attendant

including Non-Entry Rescue

Too often, workers are exposed to unnecessary hazards due to poor work practices in confined spaces, either because they are unfamiliar with the dangers, are ill-trained, or have access to improper or obsolete safety equipment.

This course has been designed to increase learners' understanding of confined space safe work practices, including hazards management and compliance with regulation 632/05 of the Province of Ontario, federal regulation SOR 86-304, and industry standards CSA Z1006 regarding work in confined spaces.

Course Topics

  • Provincial & Canadian federal regulations
  • Properly identifying confined space
  • Coordination, entry, and rescue plans
  • Role of the entrant, attendant and rescuer 
  • Hazard assessment and control measures
Atmospheric Hazards 
  • Oxygen level, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, combustible gases and contaminants
  • TWA, STEL, and IDHL concepts
  • Results interpretation
  • Ventilation and air changes
  • Gas detector: fresh air zero, bump test, and calibration
  • PPE and equipment inspection
  • Hazard Assessment and entry plans
  • Record keeping
Non-Entry Rescue
  • Tripod, SRL-R (Winch)
  • Horizontal lifeline (Tether)
  • Davit Arm

Is this course for me?

This course is applicable for anyone whose work requires them to enter or supervise a worker entering a confined space, including employees, managers, and supervisors. The course is designed as an introduction to work in confined spaces and, therefore, no pre-requisite training is needed.

Course Schedule & Registration

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