Mask Fit Test

Respiratory Protection Mask Fit Testing

Are your workers properly protected by the Respiratory Protective Equipment you provide them with?

We test all brands and makes of disposable N95s and respirators

How much is N95 fit testing (qualitative)?

At our training center:

Individual: $45.00 per test ($20.00 for additional test during the same session)

Group of 8+: $40.00 per test ($20.00 for additional test during the same session)

On-site group:

Local group of 8+: $45.00 per test

Group of 10+: $45.00 per test + travel fee ($60.00/hr)

Local: Less than 50 km from our office.

Requirement for Testing

  • Avoid smoking, eating, chewing gum or drinking any fluids except for water 20 minutes before the test.
  • Must be clean shaven, the presence of facial hair increase the chance of air leaks.
  • Additional mask(s) tested are charged $20.00/mask. KN95s do not qualify for a courtesy second test in case of failure.
  • You must bring your own masks, if you don't have masks read below "Mask" section.

Infection Controls

What infection control measures you have in place?

  • We clean all touch points and near-by surfaces between every tests.
  • Hoods and testing equipment are disinfected for a minimum of 10 mins between uses.
  • Our staff used gloves, eye and respiratory protections. Hand sanitizer is always available.
  • At our training center, the entire testing area is disinfected between each session (+20 times/day).
  • We allow one person tested at the time, at the exception of people living at the same address.


Do you have masks for sale?

We have access to a small supply that we sell at cost recovery for fit testing purposes only. The supply is unreliable, and you must inquire BEFORE booking. We do not resell.


We offer individual testing at our location at, 1195 Meyerside Dr., Mississauga, Unit 6, on APPOINTMENT ONLY, absolutely no walk-in accepted.

Booking a Test

Please send us an email at

We need to know the following: 1) The number of people, 2) The preferred date and time of the test, and 3) The number of masks per person you will be bringing.