Working at Heights High Angle Rescue

Working at Heights - Rescue for Suspended Worker

Course Outline

This course demonstrates how to pre-plan and execute basic rescue strategies, to comply with the Chief-Prevention Officer (CPO's) requirements for Working at Heights under regulation 213/91 (Construction Project).

This regulation requires companies to provide on-site emergency rescue when their employees use fall protection equipment and systems while working at heights. The course is made of theory but put the emphasis practical modules.

Course Topics

  • Course outlines, safety procedures & regulations
  • Scene safety, hazard assessment & fall protection plan
  • Suspension Trauma (Syndrome)
  • Rescue plan
  • Type of rescue (Self, simple & complex)
  • Rescue equipment, Rescuers PPE, Manufacturer's manual
  • Anchoring for rescue purposes
  • Using ladders & elevation device for rescue purposes
  • Initiation to mechanical advantage & progress capture
  • Ladder rescue drills
  • Commercially available mechanical advantage system

Is this course for me?

Whether you work in construction, infrastructures management or are involved in any type of installation or maintenance that requires your team to work at heights, employers are required by regulations to have an on-site rescue plan ready for immediate implementation which includes equipment as well as trained personal to respond.