Safety Equipment Rental

Xtirpa - Confined Space Safety Solution

Xtirpa confined space management system

Includes: Fall arrester/winch, davit arm and barricade

*Use according to the manufacturer's instruction manual.

SCBA - Emergency Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

We offer low-pressure self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) rentals for safety and rescue purposes.

Each SCBA rental includes mask, bottle and harness assembly.

These units are not to be used for coating application or in other damaging conditions. Client will be responsible for coating stain or any other damage to the units.

*Use according to the manufacturer's instruction manual.

CSA Tripod - MSA Workman tripod with winch (SRL-R)

The Workman Winch is rugged and versatile for lifting, lowering and positioning of personnel and materials within confined space applications. Designed for maximum 400 lb. (181 kg) workload for personnel and 620 lb. (281 kg) for materials (20:1 design factor). 

The Workman Winch is built with tough thermoplastic housing to ensure high performance within the harshest environments. Winch offers integral, ergonomic carry grip and unique, foldable handle for simple storage. Patent-pending bracket design allows for easy, rapid assembly. 

*Use according to the manufacturer's instruction manual.

8" Axial blower with 25 ft ducting

This lightweight and compact Allegro blower is an all-in-one ventilation system with quick-connect 25’ ducting canister which attaches quickly without tools with Cam-lock latches.

*Use according to the manufacturer's instruction manual.

CSA Gas detector - MSA Altair 4XR

The ALTAIR 4X is an extremely durable Multigas Detector that simultaneously measures u four gases, O2, CO, H2S and LEL. The ALTAIR 4X Detector surpasses industry standards with its 24-hour run time exceeds the industry average by 71%.

This versatile portable detector is a perfect match for industries ranging from fire fighting to welding, and its digital sensor output makes it less likely to suffer from RF interference.

The unit features exclusive MotionAlert™, which lets others know if the user has become immobile, and InstantAlert™, a manual alarm that alerts others of potentially dangerous situations.

This rugged unit is designed to withstand a drop of up to 20 ft (6m) and uses less than half as much calibration gas as the industry average.

*Use according to the manufacturer's instruction manual.

Rental Account Requirements

  • Account Application & Liability Waver
  • Credit Card Deposit
  • Proof of ID at Pick-Up