Marine First Aid Training

Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate (ROC-M)

Course Description

The restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate (ROC-M) is required for boat operators who wish using a marine VHF radio or other marine radios within 25 miles of shore.

This 8-hour course is oriented for Masters and Crew.


Course Outcomes

  • Regulations & Procedures
  • Use of Marine Radio
  • Radio Operation
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • Calling Procedure
  • Simplex and Duplex Operation
  • Choice of Frequencies
  • Control of Communication
  • Distress & Priority Communications
  • Frequencies to be used
  • Distress Call, Signal & Message
  • Acknowledging Messages
  • Weather Radio Broadcasts and frequencies
  • And much more...

Is this course for me?

The 8 hour MED/3 course is classroom-based and accredited by Transport Canada upon successful completion of a summative course exam.

Successful candidates will be awarded a Transport Canada MED-A3 certificate indicating the holder possesses the skills and knowledge levels required to: assist in their own survival and rescue; assist their fellow crewmembers; provide assistance in a fire and/or abandonment situation.


Bill Wiley - Transport Canada Accredited MED/A3 Course Provider

UFS-CREW Maritime Group Inc.