COVID Management

5-hr Infection management & prevention workshop oriented to the film industry 

Workshop Outline

  • Management Positions
  • Regulations & Workers' Rights
  • Risk & Hazard Assessment 
  • Basic Crisis Communication 
  • Introduction to Virology 
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Concept of Cleaning, Sanitation & Disinfection 
  • Disinfectants - Including national regulations & Recommended Use
  • Managing a COVID safe location 
  • Applying Basic Medical Concepts to Screening
  • Case Study 

To Register

To register email us 

Please note: Our staff is working from home and has limited capacitities to manage high call volume. Don't hesitate to email or leave us a message.

Date, Time and Location

Friday       July 17th, 2020   9am-2pm

Saturday   July 18th, 2020   9am-2pm & 3pm-8pm

Sunday     July 19th, 2020 TBA

Next dates will be posted on Friday July 17th, 2020 @ 3pm


We also offer


  • Infection Prevention Officer (COVID Cordinator)
  • Infection Prevention Steward (COVID Steward)
  • PPE Consultant
  • Trained Screeners 


  • Action Plan & Prevention Plan
  • Private Medical Testing (COVID Active & Serology) 
  • Mask Fit Testing


  • PPE Sells & Rental
  • Signs & Administrative Control
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal