Bleeding Control

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Course Length:
4 Hours

Certification Length:
3 Years

Why choose us:

At Partner Safety, we take pride in offering quality workplace safety training, which will allow your staff to perform first aid efficiently while protecting themselves using personal protection equipment.

Our approach:

  • Experienced team of instructors
  • Solid and proven programs adapted to your particular industry needs
  • Realistic scenario based training to engage real world critical thinking
  • The most realistic simulation training equipment available in the GTA

Group courses and discount available. We also offer training at the site of your choice, please contact us for more information.

Course Content

Theory Modules:

1.0   Circulatory System
2.0   Shock
3.0   Vital Signs
4.0   Hemorrhage Control
        Core Areas - Pneumothorax
5.0   Internal hemorrhage

Practical Modules:

6.0    Tourniquet (Bleeding simulator)
7.0    Pressure bandage (Bleeding simulator)
8.0    Hemostatic agents
9.0    Chest Seal
10.0  Multiple hemorrhage sites management 

This course is intended for the general public, arborist, school staff and outdoor workers. The objective of this course is to teach lay responders to effectively provide aid to victims of severe hemorrhage. This course is an excellent preparation for initial response to active shooter incidents.

Note: In this course, you will receive hands-on instruction using advanced bleeding simulators. Please dress accordingly.


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Course Dates

March 2019

Mar. 27, 2019    1435 Bonhill Rd., Mississauga